«CITY module 1»

sub-compact electric L7 vehicle 

New era - new challenges. It's time to choose the right everyday transport. Simple, efficient, safe and compact - everything you need for an urban agglomeration. Cab structure made of modified polymers’ composite material

Environmentally friendly city vehicles based on highly energy efficient gearless induction in-hub motors. EVs lines allowing full control of traction and systems including distance management, auto-piloting and neuro-piloting

Unique battery’s BMS, on-board charger and active ongoing balancing adapted from air-space industry: qualifying incoming current (no special charging stations needed but only energy power access); charging all cells separately (no rebalancing time during charging); actively balancing cells all the time (avoidance of cells disbalancing)

Zero Emission Terra Transport Asset

Zero air pollution, zero engine oil consumption, zero energy waste 

Lightweight electric vehicle is a future of personal transport


Simple for using like a modern smartphone, comfortable like a casual snekers - it should be a user choise in contemporary living urban areas