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Company slogan is “No limits”. We are creating tomorrow technologies. Science and engineering endeavor the opportunities for new market segments. We develop, produce and implement eco-friendly industrial technologies



«ZETTA» — international engineering and production company specializing on development and implementation of modern technical solutions and advanced technologies in the electromechanics of power units on international markets. 

Our Team

Denis Shchurovskii



PhD Mechanical Engineering;


Worked for General Motors and Renault-Nissan passing the way from engineer to company top management, cross-functional experience in Engineering, Supplier Development, Purchasing and Logistics;


20 years experience in industry and last 6 years in R&D of the start-up, 5 projects successful lunch in industry;


Member of Management and Supervisory Boards, Chairman of EV commission of Samara Region Scientific Center, member  of National Consortium for the Development of Autonomous, Connected, Electric Transport, co-founder of cross-industry consortium of the national service telematics platform, member of Federal Industry, Energy and EV Commissions in Russia.



Engineering Director

Graduated in Germany as Elektrotehnik, betriebswirtschaftliche, kaufmännische und rechtliche Kenntnisse Berufs- und arbeitspädagogik, Master;


Has vast experience in German engineering companies for more than 30 years making solutions for many global companies including BMW, PSA, Toyota, GM;


Has vast experience in the development and implementation of projects in Russia, Germany and the USA



Chief Engineer


Has master degree in powertrain industry;


Has been working in the engineering for 10 years. 5 years were dedicated to aerospace industry being responsible for rockets and satellites lunches from engineering side;


Has successfully lunched several projects in automotive, aerospace, energy industry and machine building;


Skilled engineer in CAD/CAE/CAM knowing wide range of technological processes allowing to design-to-technology;


Wide experience in the filed of different industries allows him to look wide for right solutions.

Mikhael Shpakovskii

Chief Designer


Graduated Master from Design Art institute having innumerous trainings and realized projects;


Has more than 20 years experience in industrial designing;


As the part of the team work he has been involved in the real production resulting in knowing mass of production technologies and approaches;


Being an excellent user of designing software he has been developing products from sketch integrating technological solutions already on the first stage and evaluating the cost effective ones to achieve program targets



Leader Engineer



Developer of Brain-Computer interfaces;

Developer of 3D-printers

Vladimir Golubev

Chief Electronics Designer


Graduated Electronic engineer from Samara State Aerospace University;


Total work experience — 12 years in electronics and industrial programming;


Realized many projects in automotive, energy industry and machine building;


Has the wide experience in the development of electrical architecture, integration of power electronics, industrial programming from idea to serial production.



Development Director


Graduated engineer from Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys;


Total work experience — 26 years in executive positions;


Realized many projects in robotics, neuro controls, banking, sales net, B2G;


Has the wide experience in GR and PR.

Rоbеrt  Kurmаkаеv



More than 25 years of experience;


Extensive experience as an engineer medical equipment, service diagnostic and laboratory equipment;


Work with investors and investment funds, project evaluation for financing, mergers and acquisitions (SPO / IPO), NYSE;


Audit of investment projects, financial modeling of projects, evaluation of investment attractiveness of projects;


Commercialization of innovative projects, organization of representative offices of companies and distribution network.