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We are creating tomorrow technologies today.

Science and engineering endeavor the opportunities for new market segments. 


Any innovation has own price. It should be lower. Lean approach combined with smart design-to-targets. Each detail is matter. Most companies do not work on low cost EVs as the R&D cost is same huge as for expensive cars and material cost is not much less. Meanwhile when they work conventionally we have opportunities to change the market and rich customer’s targets.


Out-of-box approach allows to find new solutions to create low cost EVs with outstanding parameters and create flexible low cost production approach on micro-factories.


Finally we have developed EVs based on induction motors including in-hub application allowing to grab the biggest volume and currently free segment of low cost EVs with very promising outstanding parameters for global growth.

ZETTA is a manufacturing and engineering company specializing in the development and implementation of non-standard technical solutions and advanced technologies in the field of electromechanics, powertrain, generation, storage and transmission of energy.


The team of qualified experts possesses all the necessary competencies and experience for organizing a full production cycle: from sketching and prototyping of the technical idea, preparing an full package of design and technological documentation up to production of the product to modern robotic manufacturing. The company conducts complex technical examinations and technological audit



Lowest EV cost competing with ICE cars


2-contour braking system: electric + hydraulic (combined);
electronic ABS / ESP;
programmable differential locks;
software cruise control;
4x4 control system, braking in recuperative (recovery) modes with ABS and ESP emulation, an information and computing system that combines the hardware and software components of an electric vehicle and which subsequently allows the integration of various ASIS and neuro-piloting systems.